A company named Orkla Foods Latvija operates only since December 2015. However, the company brands and products are recognized in Latvia and its neighbouring countries already for more than 20 years.

A company Spilva was established in 1992, gradually starting the improvement of its manufacturing process in a small canning manufactory in Spilve, Babite region. Whereas in 1994 a company Gutta launched its operation, initially developing its manufacturing process in Ogresgals, Ogre region.

Over the years, the brands Spilva and Gutta proved themselves and found their loyal customers, so production units of these brands expanded and were modernized. In 1997, Gutta commenced the manufacturing process in the newly-constructed factory in Valdlauci, Kekava region. Spilva achieved a significant manufacturing increase in 2001, when 2 million lats were invested in modernization, and in 2008, when the new manufacturing building started its operation. In 2009, Spilva acquired the brand of spices Latplanta, known in Latvia since 1991, transferring the manufacturing process of this brand to Babite region.

While looking for new ways for growth and development, the company Orkla was attracted as the strategic investor of Spilva and became its owner in 2004. 10 years later, in 2015, Orkla also became the owner of Gutta. Currently, the Norway-based company Orkla is the leading company of brands of wide consumption products in the Nordic countries and in the Baltic states region.

The next step for development was merger of companies Spilva and Gutta, centralizing the functions of management, administration and logistics of both companies, thereby ensuring more efficient operation of both production units and strengthening competitiveness of the brands both on the local and global market. During the restructuring process, completed on 30 December 2015, Spilva and Gutta were merged in one legal entity – Orkla Foods Latvija.