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Values, vision, mission

We have a shared commitment to work in a unified company Orkla Foods Latvija. In order to facilitate growth of the company and competitiveness of our brands, we make our joint contribution and use our experience on the Latvian market.


Our basic values


It is our daring, innovations and commitment to achieve the world class level. Courage is our main value, when we strive forward, take on challenges and necessary risks. Brave people set high goals and appreciate their success. Courage is necessary during intense discussions, making of difficult decisions and defending own belief.



Loyal people are professional and skilful. These are people one can rely on. We can be trusted. We keep our promises. We fulfil our obligations towards consumers, cooperation partners and the public in general. We are ready to work tirelessly and overcome obstacles as soon as such have occurred. We think and act on the long-term basis, and we have endurance and energy.



People who are led by inspiration are enthusiastic and eager to achieve success. Endless creation is characteristic of these people. We try to inspire consumers, business partners and each other.



We improve your daily life!

Orkla Foods Latvija develops brands, which can bring joy to people every day.

We are a cooperation partner, which ensures profitable growth and added value on a long-term basis.

We are a team, where collective work is highly appreciated and which facilitates growth of talents.

By developing strong entrepreneurship, we provide support to the public and the country we operate in.



To improve our consumer’s daily life with healthier and more enjoyable products of local brands.

To improve – this means targeted innovations. We are constantly working on and introduce innovations, in order to ensure better products and solutions.

Daily life – this means, that Orkla Foods Latvija cares about the daily lives of many people. For us, Mondays and Sundays are equally pleasant.