Orkla Latvija was created in 2019, with the goal of establishing a leading consumer brand company in Latvia, bringing together many brands popular in the country. The history of Orkla in Latvia is much longer than that, however, and the brands it represents are even older. Laima, Staburadze, Selga, Ādažu Čipsi, Pedro, Spilva, Gutta, Everest, Latplanta: all of these have their own story and years of history.


However, the beginnings of Orkla, the leading manufacturer of consumer-brand products in the Nordic countries and the Baltics, can be found as far back as 350 years ago in Norway. Since its first steps in 1654, Orkla has been growing, developing and expanding to other countries. Today, Orkla is an expert in developing strong local brands, preserving their traditions, values and modernising their production processes.


Orkla came to Latvia in 2004, when it bought the food and condiment manufacturer Spilva. This was seen as high praise and confirmation of the quality of the company’s work and products. The Spilva brand has been known in Latvia since 1992, and back then, it already was a market leader with its tomato sauce, ketchup, horse radish, mustard, mayonnaise, salad dressing, canned vegetable, jam products and various others.


In 2005, Orkla bought Latfood, founded in 1993, which had become a leading potato-processing company in Latvia, making products under one of Latvians’ favourite brands — Ādažu Čipsi. It is worth noting that, in fact, potato snacks and Ādaži have a much longer tradition than that: potato straws have been made in Ādaži since 1972.


Having joined the Orkla Group, the Spilva and Ādažu Čipsi brands got a strategic partner and support for future growth. Major investment projects were completed thanks to support by Orkla, as the manufacturing facilities of both the companies underwent an upgrade, significantly expanding their product range. In 2009, Spilva bought the spice and condiment brand Latplanta, which also became a part of the Orkla Group.


In 2014, Orkla took a major step in expanding its business, as it acquired the NP Foods Group, which included such brands as Laima, Selga, Staburadze, Pedro, Gutta and Everest. The NP Foods Group was founded in 2009, though the history of it companies and brands is much older, and goes back as far as late 19th century. The Laima and Staburadze brands, for example, have been enjoyed by a few generations of consumers. The Gutta juice brand was created in 1994, and the Everest water brand, in 2000: thanks to the high quality of their products, they had gained much appreciation and popularity.


The acquisition of NP Foods by Orkla was completed in 2016, when the companies owned by the Orkla Group were restructured, creating new enterprises: Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Latvija and Orkla Foods Latvija.


Over the years, Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Latvija has established itself as a leading manufacturer of confectionery and snacks in the Baltics, representing the Laima, Selga, Staburadze, Ādažu Čipsi, Taffel the Original Snacks and Pedro brands.  Meanwhile, Orkla Foods Latvija is one of the largest and most modern producers of foods and condiments in the Baltics, with its Spilva, Latplanta, Gutta and Everest brands.


In 2019, Orkla is taking its next important in Latvia, as the companies Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Latvija and Orkla Foods Latvija have been merged into one, under the name Orkla Latvija. Having established a leading company representing top consumer brand products in Latvia, Orkla reinforces its positions in the country, and confirms its long-term plans here, which involve supporting and growing its brands, and creating new, innovative, high-quality products.