Orkla Latvija” currently has five production facilities.

With the investment of 20 million in the construction of the production facilities, a new Laima production facility is being built for further brand’s development. After that, the production facility at Miera street will be relocated to the new production facility in Adaži.

There are plans to build a biscuit and waffle manufacturing competence center of the Orkla Group, which is set to invest tens of millions of euro. It is likely to be the largest investment in food production in the Baltics since the restoration of independence, but it will certainly be the largest production facility not only in the Baltics but also in Scandinavia.


Familiarize yourself with the company’s existing production facilities:

Production unit in Spilve

Various sauces and mayonnaise are made at the Spilve production facility.

Production unit on Miera Street

At Miera Street produces the products of the beloved sweets brand "Laima".

Production unit on Artilērijas Street

At Artilērijas Street produces "Staburadze" cakes and tarts, "Selga" biscuits and waffles, "Laima" marshmallows and marmalade, as well as "Pedro" sandwiches and salads.