The wide range of Orkla Latvija sweets, chips and salted snacks, cakes and salty products, biscuits, sauces and dressings, preserved and ready meals are currently made at four production plants.


A new Laima production plant, the most modern and technologically advanced facility of this kind to date, was launched in September 2021. Over the past three years EUR 20 million have been invested in its construction and further development of the Laima brand, and this is one of the largest investments ever made in the Latvian food industry.


The total floor space of the production plant exceeds 7 200 m2. It is a modern and energy efficient production plant with a precisely and conveniently planned production flow, which ensures efficiency and high quality of the products. It is also a functional and comfortable working environment for over 100 employees working at the plant. Additionally, a modern product development laboratory has also been set up at the production plant, which will allow to develop and improve more and more new products of the Laima sweets brand, so they can be enjoyed in Latvia and elsewhere in the world.


An entirely new biscuit and waffle production plant is currently under construction right next to the Laima plant in Adazi, developed by a Orkla Group company Orkla Biscuit Production. This new production plant will exclusively specialize in the production of biscuits and waffles and it will be the largest production plant of this kind in the Baltic States and Scandinavia. The plant will be producing Selga biscuits and waffles, but most of its products, around 75 percent, will be exported. Apart from construction, additional investments will follow also in new equipment and production lines in what will amount to the largest investments made in the Latvian food industry in recent years. The new plant, which will provide around 250 new jobs, is scheduled to launch operations in 2022.


At present, the company’s products are made at four production plants:


  • Production plant in Ādažos. At the production plant in Ādaži we continue to make the popular Laima products.
  • Production plant in Ādažos.The plant in Ādaži makes Ādaži potato chips and other salty snacks.
  • Production plant in Babītē.The Spilva production plant makes sauces, mayonnaise and dressings.
  • Production plant in Artilērijas Street, Riga.The production plant in Artilērijas Street makes cakes and pastries of the Staburadze brand, Selga biscuits and waffles, Laima zephyrs and marmalade, as well as Pedro sandwiches and salads.

Production unit in Spilve

Various sauces and mayonnaise are made at the Spilve production facility.

Production unit in Ādaži

At the production plant in Ādaži we continue to make the popular Laima products.

Production unit on Artilērijas Street

At Artilērijas Street produces "Staburadze" cakes and tarts, "Selga" biscuits and waffles, "Laima" marshmallows and marmalade, as well as "Pedro" sandwiches and salads.