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Production unit on Miera Street


The production plant at Miera Street in Riga that makes products under the brand names of Laima and Laima Exclusive has been filling the neighbourhood with the divine aroma of chocolate since 1921. The oldest and also the most popular item in the plant’s product range is the chocolate candy Serenāde made by the recipe that was created in 1937 by a confectioner in love. At present the plant also produces milk chocolate bars Mad Milk Chocolate, chocolate candies Asorti, a line of Serenāde products and a number of other popular chocolate candies of the Laima brand, such as Sarkanā MagoneVāverīte and Trifele. Since the takeover by Orkla Latvija the plant has seen some positive changes, for example, the upgrading of the Laima chocolate production processes to maintain the product quality on a permanently high level which improved competitiveness of the Laima brand among the world’s leading chocolate makers and paved the way for continuous expansion of the product range.