The brands represented by Orkla Latvija have always supported various significant social events, activities and projects relevant to culture, education, support for disadvantaged families, children health and active lifestyle. The projects have been carried out individually, as well as in cooperation with non-governmental organizations, associations and state institutions. Special attention is paid to welcoming city residents and guests at various holidays in Latvian.


Cooperation projects and long-term support have been provided to a variety of organizations, such as the Foundation Viegli (Class of Ziedonis, Museum of Ziedonis, Library of Ziedonis), the series of healthy lifestyle and family events Stirnubuks and Riga Rogainings. In the cultural field, we are proud of the cooperation with Mikhail Chekhov’s Riga Russian Theatre, Concert Hall Vidzeme and classical music festival Rīga-Jūrmala. With binding activities for the whole family, we also year to year participate in the festival programs of the various major cities of Latvia, such as the Riga City Celebration, the Celebration of the City of Kuldīga and others.


The company has carried out a number of initiatives, inviting Latvian residents and opinion leaders to be involved in supporting and exciting those who are currently experiencing difficulties. The charity project “Laima Charity House”, organized for the eighth year, has gained widespread community engagement and acceptance. The project is organized in cooperation with Latvian social services, and its aim is to help to provide Christmas gifts to disadvantaged families throughout Latvia.


We have been organizing “Laima Chocolate Festival” for several years in July, in the in the yard of the Laima production building in Riga, Miera street 22. It’s a free event that excites thousands of visitors with its unique and exciting program every year.