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Laima Chocolate Museum

The reconstruction of the administrative building of the Laima Chocolate Museum started in May 2012. The building was designed in 1939 by the architect Staņislavs Aloizs Borbals and the building is now included in the list of industrial heritage sites of Latvia. After two years, the building that our guests call using the lovely name “Chocolate House”, reclaimed its external beauty and was filled with memories, feelings, pride and love. The museum has been created within the framework of the Baltic Chocolate Museum Restoration Project with the support of the European Regional Development Fund. The restoration and creation of the building and museum is an important investment in the development of the Miera Street arts district, an area, where the cultural activities will be promoted, according to the development plans of the Rīga City. At the Laima Chocolate Museum you can enjoy chocolate using all senses senses – it can be seen, tasted, heard and felt… How? You can find out by visiting the museum!