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Laima sweet stores

“Laima” sweet stores are a genuine paradise for those with sweet tooth. Here you can find the widest range of Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Latvia products: “Laima” candies, chocolate bars, zephyrs and marmalade, Selga biscuits and wafers, and “Staburadze” cakes and pastries, also Pedro snacks. “Laima” sweet stores are the first to offer the novelties of “Laima”, “Selga” and “Staburadze” – only after then products appear in other stores in Latvia. We offer you not only sweet shopping, but also an opportunity to order “Laima” sweets’ baskets, compositions and candy bouquets.

All the stores have knowledgeable and welcoming staff who will tell the Serenade legend to your foreign guests, explain the product ingredients and recommend the best for everyone! In the Laima sweet stores everyone will be able to find something to treat to themselves and their loved ones!