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When something truly wonderful happens, celebrate the occasion together with your family, friends and colleagues… Never lose the childish joy about beautiful events and enjoy every leisure moment. Allow yourself to enjoy the taste of satisfaction after finishing a large project, call friends you have not seen for a while and visit them with a cake. Because as much as people need to structure their daily schedules, they also need little festive moments with tasty cakes.

Staburadze pastries have been well- known for their splendid and various festive cakes. We know that only a few celebrations a year is not enough. This is why we have paid special attention to cakes and small cakes that will help you celebrate your small celebrations. Birthday, baby shower, first snow or maybe you just want to treat yourself with something tasty and squeeze in a moment of escape in the middle of your workday. Get to know the wide variety of Staburadze pastry and find the right treat for every celebration, big or small.