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Children’s rehabilitation supported with more than 40,000 “Orkla Latvija” products


Last week, the company “Maxima Latvija” and rehabilitation centre “Poga” brought together supporters by closing this year’s charity movement “There is One Button Between a Human and a Good Work” [“Starp cilvēku un labu darbu ir viena poga”]. This autumn, the campaign was organised at all “Maxima Latvija” shops by involving cooperation partners and customers. 40,425 support products of “Laima” and “Drako” movement were purchased within the framework of the campaign and two to five cents from each of these products were donated for children’s rehabilitation. The total amount donated with the involvement of campaign supporters is 1,175.51 euro.


We – “Orkla Latvija” team – are satisfied to see how the goals of good works are achieved together with our partners and society. Just like our annually implemented “Laima” charity house project, the project “Poga” shows once again that jointly we are able to do great things, especially to bring joy and help to the people in need. I would like to express the greatest thanks to everyone who supported this campaign and engaged,” stresses Lineta Mikša, “Orkla Latvija” Communications Director.


Overall, 26 Latvian and foreign producers participated in the campaign by selling 910,790 units of products, which turned into the donation of 20,985 euro, and these funds will help organise rehabilitation classes for patients at “Poga”.