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Dreams of another 1,500 children fulfilled in “Laima” Charity House


On December 22, 2019, this year’s “Laima” Charity House project has been completed during which dreams of 1,500 children on long-desired gifts for Christmas have been fulfilled with the support of the society. In total, between November 22 and December 22, more than 3,000 people engaged in the “Laima” Charity House project, including President of the Republic of Latvia Egils Levits and First Lady of the Republic of Latvia Andra Levite, as well as other public figures.


“We have passed a wonderful eighth year of the project, creating joy for another 1,500 children from 20 regions in Latvia. Together we have fulfilled dreams of 8,300 children in eight years. We have been able to fulfil those dreams of children that helped them to develop their talents, meet and make friends, and have provided them with the opportunity to pass good-quality leisure time and receive the necessary things for a better everyday life. We are sincerely grateful to everyone who helped us to achieve these goals. We will continue this hearty project also next year, making children of various social backgrounds in other Latvia’s regions happy,” said “Orkla Latvija” board chairman Toms Didrihsons.


The wishes mentioned by children in their cards varied from footwear, clothing, toys, books to musical instruments, sports equipment and many other things important for children’s development and growth.


Warm-hearted messages are sent to the “Laima” Charity House not only by project supporters, but also by children who received gifts in previous years. They inform about how they are doing and how important the received presents were not only at the moment, but also in a long term. This year a hearty thank-you letter was received from a girl who received the desired set for art drawings a couple of years ago. Now the girl will soon graduate from an art school, and she has developed her talents not only in art, but also in crafts and music. The girl had added her handicrafts to the letter, and asked to pass them over to other children with good wishes so that they would make others as happy as they made her.


For the third year, it was possible not only to visit the “Laima” Charity House in person, but also online – on internet website www.”Laima”snamins.lv. In total, 30% of all cards were selected online, but 70% in person at the “Laima” Charity House by the Freedom Monument. Also, this year, presents to the “Laima” Charity House travelled not only from across Latvia, but also from abroad. In addition, many guests of Riga responded to the project who decided to visit the “Laima” Charity House when passing by and support its goal by finding gifts for children with various social backgrounds.


In the “Laima” Charity House, people fulfilled children’s dreams individually and together with friends, relatives, colleagues. Support to the “Laima” Charity House projects has become an annual tradition in some families, among friends, at workplaces, schools and preschools. For example, this year a preschool group with their teacher and parents visited the “Laima” Charity House, and they have been taking care of gifts for children from various social backgrounds for the fifth consecutive year. There are such trustworthy supporters who are setting aside funds through the whole year to be able to fulfil dreams of as many children as possible during the project.


Since 2012, the “Laima” Charity House project has fulfilled dreams of 8,300 children from more than 90 Latvia’s regions. The project is implemented in close cooperation with regional social services and children from families with different social backgrounds participate in the project – children from large families, foster families, low-income families, children with disabilities.