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Only Sunflower Oil to be Used at “Ādažu Čipsi” Production Facility


“Orkla Latvija” continues implementation of its sustainability strategy, and from year 2020 only sunflower oil is used at the “Ādažu Čipsi” production facility. Already since the beginning of 2019, “Ādažu Čipsi” potato chips have been produced using only sunflower oil, and at the beginning of this year, transition to sunflower oil in production of salty snacks has also been completed.


As reported previously, the company’s sustainability development strategy stipulates gradual transition of all “Orkla Latvija” products from palm oil to responsibly sourced palm oil or other vegetable oils by 2021.


“We are responsible for sustainable development of our products. We are proud that the well thought out and managed operations, which commenced in 2015, have been successful and we have completely abandoned the use of palm oil at the “Ādažu Čipsi” production facility plant. The transition process was gradual as any changes in product recipes take time. It is important for us to create sustainable products with improved recipes that retain the highest quality and consistently good taste, which is so important to those who love our products. We are happy that now we are able to offer all our chips and salty snacks without palm oil,” says Lineta Mikša, “Orkla Latvija” Chief Communications Officer.


The project has been implemented as part of “Orkla Latvija’s” sustainability strategy, which stipulates operating according to responsible, ethical business principles aimed for long-term development throughout the supply chain, from production to the delivery of products to stores.


“While many of our sustainability strategies’ tasks require long-term effort, we have already made significant progress in several areas. This year, too, we have a number of tasks on our agenda to promote our sustainability. We will continue to develop all our brands in line with innovations and by introducing products with reduced salt and sugar content, as well as to develop vegan-friendly products. In addition, we will continue to invest in new technology projects and production upgrades aimed at improving energy efficiency and sustainable business growth across all key strategy categories: nutrition and well-being, safe products, sustainable raw materials, environmental responsibility, and caring for employees and society,” adds Lineta Mikša.


Production of “Ādažu Čipsi” potato chips and salty snacks is carried out in accordance with the highest quality standards of “Orkla” Group, which makes the products competitive not only in Latvia but also in export markets. Since 2011, the “Ādažu Čipsi” production facility has doubled its production output, producing more than 5,000 tons of potato chips and other salty snacks a year for the “Ādažu Čipsi”, “Taffel the Original Snacks” and other private brands.