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“Orkla Latvija” invests 220 000 Eur in automated packaging  of “Everest” water


By investing 220 000 Eur, “Orkla Latvija” has installed a new water bottle packaging machine with automated loading of produce on pallets and a plastic film wrapping mechanism for further transportation. The automated water bottle packaging is improving the working conditions of employees as well as the process itself has become more effective with a significant increase in productivity.


“It is important for us to thoughtfully develop our factories by investing in technologies and machinery that can improve the working environment, help avoid staff shortage, as well as complete processes more effectively. We continue to invest in process automatization and it allows as to organize and simplify different production phases. This is the first project of automatization in “Everest” factory and it has resulted in a reduction of heavy manual workload, that previously took 120 tons of bottles to be handled during one shift,” points out Toms Didrihsons, president of “Orkla Latvija” Board.


This automated bottle packaging machine can handle and place 1 080 PET bottles just in three and a half minutes depending on the type of bottles and positioning. The main assignment of the new machinery is to fully automate the packaging process and deliver the packaged goods to the pallet wrapping station.


“Everest” manufacturing plant in Valdlauči started work in 1997. This is one of the first food processing facilities in Latvia that started implementing certification according to internationally recognized quality management system ISO 9001 and HACCP certification (food safety). “Everest” is drinking water which is obtained from 128 meters deep artesian wells.