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“Orkla Latvija” Expands its Assortment with Plant-based Products


Fast moving consumer goods production and distribution company “Orkla Latvija” has developed the assortment in the category of plant-based products, offering “Naturli” brand products which are made from plant-based raw materials – soy balls, schnitzel, ground soy mass, sausages, as well as falafels and vegetable fat blend cream. In the future, it is planned to expand the plant-based product range also in other segments.


We see a growing interest in plant-based products, as they are popular not only among vegans but also among flexitarians. People are increasingly looking how to diversify their diets and are willing to replace meat or fish with plant-based products. Also, “Orkla Group” conducted a sustainability barometer survey on the end of 2019 in Scandinavia and the Baltics to analyse the habits of the population. Results revealed that in Latvia there is the highest proportion of people among Baltic State countries who follow an alternative diet (16%) and had the largest number of people who only occasionally eat meat and fish. In addition, 23% of respondents from Latvia indicated that there were too few variations available of vegan-friendly foods, while 29% found it difficult to prepare a vegan meal,” emphasizes Lineta Mikša, Chief Communications Officer of “Orkla Latvija”.

“Naturli” assortment is 100% made of the highest quality plant-based raw materials, as well as does not contain GMOs. Frozen “Naturli” products have more sustainable packaging, which is partly made of sugar cane, but the boxes for pizzas are made of recyclable cardboard.

The new product production is done in accordance to “Orkla Latvija” sustainability strategy. The strategy provides a holistic approach of the organization’s operations and identifies five areas of activity where “Orkla Latvija” is actively working towards sustainability: nutrition & wellness, safe products, sustainable sourcing, environmental engagement, care for people and society. Each field of activity has long-term objectives and targets that are progressive.


In addition to the “Naturli” brand, other beloved “Orkla Latvija” brands in Latvia also offer products that are suitable for plant-based diet. For example, in the “Ādažu Čipsi” assortment you can find more than seven products suitable for vegans, including the most demanded chips in Latvia – with tomato flavour.  Spilva’s product range consists of more than 30 plant-based products, including the popular vegan mayonnaise.  The assortment of other popular “Orkla Latvija” brands also include products suitable for vegans.