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Orkla Latvija improves Gutta packaging, reducing its impact on the environment


In 2021, Orkla Latvija, in cooperation with Tetra Pak, is implementing a significant sustainability project for the Gutta brand, which intend the transition to a new packaging containing plant-based polymers. The Gutta brand new juices, drinks and nectar carton packages from Tetra Pak are made from more than 84% renewable raw materials, thus reducing the environmental impact.


“”It is important for us that our decisions have a long lasting and positive impact on the sustainable development of both society and our environment, so we are especially proud to be able to offer consumers delicious Gutta juices, drinks and nectars not only in a visually new design, but also in a packaging which has less impact on the environment. Tetrapak 1l and 2l packages are created using more than 84% renewable raw materials, which makes them easier to recycle, and helps us keep our products fresh longer and protect their good properties. “Gutta’s products in new, more sustaible packaging now even more embody Gutta’s essence and connection with nature,” emphasizes Lineta Mikša, Communication Director of Orkla Latvija.


“We are pleased with the successful cooperation with the company” Orkla Latvija “. Orkla Latvija under the Gutta brand is the first customer in the Baltics in the juice category to introduce this type of Tetra Brik® Aseptic  packaging. This choice is a strong indication of the company’s concern and interest in sustainable operations. This solution helps to preserve both the characteristics of the product and to minimize the impact on the environment, as for example the new 1l  packaging consists of 86.7% plant-based raw materials (cardboard and plastics from sugar cane material) and only 9.2 grams of plastic. Given that juices and juice drinks are natural, it is very important during their life cycle to ensure that the packaging protects the product from external conditions, including temperature fluctuations, light and others, ” says Tetra Pak Sustainability Transformation Manager  Nazanin Moradi



Tetra Brik® Aseptic carton packages from Tetra Pak used for Gutta 1l and 2l juices, nectars and drinks is made mainly of cardboard and is recyclable. It is recycled by separating the cardboard mass from the polymer-aluminum mixture and transformed into new products – cardboard boxes, polymer pallets and others. In total, this package contains 17% more plant-based materials than the previous package.


This Tetra Pak carton is Forest Stewardship Council® certified, which ensures that the paperboard of the new package come from FSC® certified forest and other controlled sources. In this way we secure that trees will continue to grow. In addition, polymer layers in the package and cap are also made of renewable raw materials – sugar cane. By purchasing this carton package with renewable cap and coatings that are Bonsucro certified, you contribute to the sustainable production of sugarcane.


The Carbon TrustTM certifies that Tetra Pak has reduced the carbon footprint of this package by 18% by switching to plant-based plastic.

The Carbon Trust is an international climate change and sustainability consultancy with the mission to accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy by helping governments, businesses and organisations to reduce carbon emissions and achieve greater resource efficiency.


This project is implemented within the framework of Orkla Latvija’s sustainability strategy, which envisages a commitment to operate in accordance with responsible, ethical and long-term business principles throughout the supply chain, from production to product delivery to stores. You can find out more about Orkla Latvija’s sustainability strategy here: https://orkla.lv/en/sustainability/